EP6-To Infinity and Beyond (part 1)- Long Distance Kitesurfing in Brazil with Bowen Dwelle and Surfin Sem Fim

This two-part episode is about kitesurfing as a means to explore uncharted territory, and to travel long distances, about making a journey entirely using the power of the kite. We speak to Bowen Dwelle, a real Outdoor Adventure Athlete, and avid Kitesurfer, who has completed several long distance Kitesurfing trips. Bowen was one of the principal athletes documented in the movie Surfin Sem Fim on a 600km journey over the course of seven days along the NE coast of Brazil.

-how did such a great movie get made

-What makes long distance kitesurfing so special

-Description of Day 1 to 3 of the journey

-What skill do you need to undertake such a trip

-How much distance can you cover in a day

-What Kite and Board to take

- and more……..


About Bowen:

Bowen has a rich background in entrepreneurship, he started his first company at age 9 and sold his most recent company in 2015. He is also a full time outdoor sports enthusiast partaking in sports such as; kitesurfing , paragliding, trail running, climbing, and open water swimming. He became a passionate kitesurfer 10 years and now is practicing the sport ( especially long distance kitesurfing ) on a semi-professional level. Check out Bowen’s full bio on his website ( links below)

Please check out the movie Surfing Sem Fim : https://vimeo.com/220552327


Bowen riding the San Fransico bay with a 4.8M and a Foil Board : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GBSq1OTdzk&t=83s 

For more videos also check out the Surfing Sem Fim website ( details below) 


Google Map with Pin Points and Time Stamps ( for both part 1 & 2)




Map from Surfin Sem Fin website ( Iron Man Route) 



Contact Details Bowen Dwelle





Contact Details Surfing Sem Fim




ENJOY !!!!!


Outro Music courtesy of PEEZ @ https://soundcloud.com/peezismyname