EP3-Barrels Barrels and more Barrels, Kitesurfing Durban with Rob from OCEAN2AIR

Barrels, barrels, left handers, right handers, beach breaks and reef breaks. You can ride your Twin-Tip here , but you you will miss out on the best WAVE action. Durban probably one of the finest wave riding locations on the planet. From a wind sport perspective far less know then Cape Town, and unjustly so. In this episode we talk to Rob Crystal from OCEAN2AIR and try to answer the question — Durban…. is it the Cooler Cape Town ?----

Oh yeah and before I forget…..Some amazing natural Reserves parks within 2-3 hours drive, where you can see the BIG FIVE, just in case you get bored from Kitesurfing every day.

Rob is the MD of OCEAN2AIR and since 2002 they run a large KIte-shop right on the beach in Durban, and in addition to this they offer kite trainings starting from beginners courses to advanced wave riding techniques. The are THE meeting place for kiters in Durban, visit them and grab a beer with Rob after you did some top and bottom turns on the waves in Durban.

And please check out the first video.......... Originating in the screaming sixties , barreling through the furious fifties, and getting amplified in the roaring forties… the massive swell hits the beaches of Durban uninterrupted….Mother Nature at is finest and most fearsome….and some indurate and mad Durdanites ripping the swell ….if this does not get you to Durban for Kitesurfing and I don’t know what does !

And remember if a wave on a pic or vid looks like 2m it is actually 4m.

Enjoy !!!














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