EP8-Wait!...What?...Where??- Wind- and Kitesurfing the Abrolhos Islands with Mick Steffan Indian Ocean Charters

Count on the Australians to come up with some "kick ass” idea to go wind-and kitesurfing in some remote and “sick" locations. In this episode we take you to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands. They are located around 80 km west of the Geraldton ( mainland Australia) and next to getting very consistent strong winds, they also get a massive swell origination in the Southern Ocean. It is well known as the site of numerous shipwrecks, the most famous being the Dutch ships Batavia, which was wrecked in 1629, and Zeewijk, wrecked in 1727.The islands are uninhabited with the exception of some fisherman. As a tourist you are not allowed to stay on the islands so the only possibility is to stay on a boat. Every year Mick organizes a 3 days wind and kitesurfing “expedition” to the Islands for like minded fellow water-sports and wave addictes. We talk about the trip , what to expect, the wind conditions , some of the spots,  and some other interesting and funny topics.


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